Onstage is run by our small committee organising a special night of entertainment with a varied music and comedy show for the first Monday in every month at The Queens Arms, Harrogate Road, Leeds commencing at 8.00pm. All profits go to a named registered different charity each month.  

If you know of, or work for a cause close to you we would be happy to consider offering our monthly concert profits to any worthwhile cause.

If you know of a person or persons with ability and talent to entertain please let us know for consideration for inclusion in one of our monthly shows.

Onstage members with ...The social and financial success of our evenings is measured by
your support. We want you all to feel part of our happy circle.

Please spread the word. Thank you.

Alan Harris - 0771 429 6138
Howard Lee - 0770 222 9755
Jack Transport - 0775 372 3960
Sue Sherman - 0785 020 4054
Irene Collins - 0771 0179 150

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